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Together, we can develop Louisiana's most precious natural resource -- our gifted and talented students!

The association of Gifted and Talented Students of Louisiana was established to promote the education of Louisiana's gifted and talented students and to insure the continued implementation of legislation that protects the valuable services that educational institutions provide for these students.  Parents of gifted students have the opportunity to meet and learn more about important issues affecting their children.

Local AGTS of Louisiana meetings and a state conference are held annually.  Teachers of the gifted and talented have numerous professional development opportunities.  Students have the opportunity to participate in activities such as Academic Field Days and be nominated for the Nicholas Green Award.

Parents and teachers who belong to AGTS of Louisiana receive state and local newsletters and announcements.

Our Objectives:

To work with government and civic leaders in developing a plan for all areas of the nation; to focus maximum available resources toward the education and enrichment of gifted and talented students;

To support funding, public and private, for the benefit of gifted and talented students;

To encourage chapter organizations throughout Louisiana to find, utilize to the fullest, facilities in various communities for these special children;

To involve leadership of communities, citizens, and parents in planning and development of all facets of the effort;

To encourage the identification of gifted and talented students;

To assist parishes and communities in sharing and communicating their experiences with helping these children;

To develop a program for educating parents, teachers, and other interested members in the community to assist them in understanding and meeting the needs of gifted and talented students.

Membership Benefits

Receive "The Digest", a quarterly newsletter, with up-to-date national, state and local articles covering issues related to the needs of gifted and talented children

Reduced prices at state conferences with nationally recognized speakers, workshops, and education for parents, teachers, and others

Support legislative monitoring and lobbying on all levels including the Louisiana Legislature, BESE, Louisiana Department of Education, and the U. S. Department of Education, and Congress

Affiliation with the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and other related organizations and their resources

Funding for teacher mini-grants, and adult and student awards, recognizing educational innovation, outstanding leadership, and academic excellence

Support and assistance from a state organization that coordinates and provides leadership for local chapters

Liaison with all state universities providing advance publicity about their programs for gifted and talented students

National and international network of parents, educators, administrators, legislators, and other concerned citizens who share the same goal -- providing the best possible education for children


The AGTS of Louisiana ...

Publishes a newsletter for members, with information especially helpful for parents, educators, and students;

Holds conferences and programs to develop organizational leadership and understanding for gifted and talented students, their needs, and how to meet their needs;

Awards mini-grants to teachers who use innovative strategies in the education of gifted and talented students;

Has created awareness of needs of gifted and talented students becoming nationally known;

Has developed a handbook giving step-by-step process for groups to organize and immediately begin developing services for the gifted/talented;

Has obtained Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt status as a central organization so that chapters automatically receive such status upon joining the organization;

Is incorporated under the laws of the State of Louisiana as a non-profit organization with corporate protection shared with chapters which join the Association;

Did You Know?

In 1972, Louisiana became one of only three states with a legal mandate to identify and serve gifted students.

Louisiana now has gifted programs in all 66 school districts and talent programs in 30.

Louisiana leads the nation with the most stringent certification requirements for teachers of the gifted and talented?

The Association supports the LA Department of Education efforts to expand child search, screening, and identification of underrepresented minority children through 8(g) grants.

The AGTS of Louisiana, an all-volunteer organization of parents, educators, and concerned citizens, made all these things happen!